Intertestamental Period Seminar

antiochus-iv-epiphanes-as-zeus-coin_reverse4This is an open-ended seminar in which we will explore the history, popular movements, and religious literature of the period spanning from roughly the beginning of the Fourth Century BCE through the early First Century CE. This course will include lecture, discussion, and close reading of several texts from this period, with passing references to additional primary and secondary sources, archaeological material, sociological studies, etc.

All are welcome, regardless of experience or expertise.

There is no proposed end date for this seminar. We will continue the seminar as long as there is interest.

The seminar meets weekly, every Wednesday evening from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at:

Church of the Good Samaritan
333 NW 35th St.
Corvallis, OR 97330


Seminar Syllabus

Lecture Slides:

Lecture 01 – 28 October 2015
Lecture 02 – 04 November 2015

The Book of I Maccabees
Lecture 03 – 11 November 2015
Lecture 04 – 02 December 2015Lecture 05 – No Slides
Lecture 06 – No Slides
Lecture 07 – No Slides
Lecture 08 – No Slides
Lecture 09 – No Slides

The Book of Daniel
Lecture 10 – Daniel 1; Introduction and Apocalypse
Lecture 11 – Daniel 2; Babylonian Statecraft, Divination, and Magic
Lecture 12 – Daniel 3; Other Apocryphal Tales

The Wisdom of Solomon

Wisdom of Solomon – Background

Wisdom of Solomon Lecture 01
Wisdom of Solomon Lecture 02
Wisdom of Solomon Lecture 03
Wisdom of Solomon Lecture 04
Wisdom of Solomon Lecture 05

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls Lecture 01
Dead Sea Scrolls Lecture 02
Dead Sea Scrolls Lecture 03
Dead Sea Scrolls Lecture 04
Dead Sea Scrolls Lecture 05
Dead Sea Scrolls Lecture 06
Dead Sea Scrolls Lecture 07

Other Handouts:

Zoroastrian history and eschatology
The Cyrus Cylinder
Flavius Josephus on Cyrus
Intertestamental Period Dynasties
Maccabean Revolt Timeline
BAS Heliodorus Stele
Heliodorus Stele Text (English)
Heliodorus Stele Text (Greek)
Acra Fortress
Divination in the Ancient Near East
Roman-Jewish Treaty
Tomb of the Maccabees

Text Readers

Josephus Antiquities, XII.5 – XIII.7
Wisdom of Solomon-small margins




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