Books Received: Lay Intellectuals in the Carolingian World

By Sheldon Over the last few years I have been involved in a long-term experiment that concerns the role to be played by lay scholars in a local church community. This began back in 2009 when we were living in … Continue reading

Best Practices: On Marking Books

By Sheldon “A virgin book bears no offspring.” — Hasidic Proverb Continuing a theme I’ve been on for a while, which is a retro journey through the wonders of dead-tree format information storage. Allow me this one indulgence from that … Continue reading

Would You Recognize the End of the World If You Saw It?

There is an enduring appeal about the end of the world, especially if we can watch it happening to someone else. Movies that dwell on an apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic theme are even more the rage than usual, but in the … Continue reading

What Happens When a Community Connects

By Sheldon Greaves This post appeared previously on Unexpected Leisure, 12 February 2011 An article that appears in a recent issue of Yes! magazine caught my attention this morning. The article talks about how consumerism has caused families to weaken … Continue reading

The Muslim Climate Declaration

By Sheldon Greaves Recently a conference of Islamic scholars meeting in Istanbul released a declaration on the subject of global warming and climate change. This landmark declaration comes in the wake of the Papal encyclical Laudato Si, and endorsements of … Continue reading

Inevitabilities of Merging Business with Universities

By Sheldon Greaves True, unfettered capitalism of the sort that its evangelists unleash wherever they can (See: Iraq, etc.) holds that you must produce your goods at the lowest possible cost.  Lowest material prices, cheapest labor, whatever it takes. Realistically, … Continue reading

Laudato Si and the Green Book of Genesis

by Sheldon Greaves Thanks to some positive comments about my previous backgrounder post to the encyclical Laudato Si, I thought it would be worth while to add a few insights into the role of the Genesis cosmogonies in the structure … Continue reading

Spooks Admit They’ve Learned Something from the Snowden Leaks

It’s not common to think that “ethics” and “spying” belong in the same sentence unless it also contains “devoid” or “lacking,” but there really is such a thing as ethics in spying. The first revelation from the Snowden documents, less … Continue reading