Fox News Prepared the Battlefield for Russia’s Propaganda War

Valery Vasilyevich Gerasimov

By Sheldon Greaves Edited with additional links and for clarity, 02 Oct. 2017. Each week brings more details (also here) about the tremendous scope and sophistication of Russian efforts to hijack (“meddle” is far too gentle a term by this point) the U.S. 2016 … Continue reading

Trumpism and Why America Needs a Marshall Plan

By Sheldon Greaves When the forces of Germany surrendered to the Allies in May of 1945, the fighting stopped but the war, technically, did not end right away. There were additional edicts and order, the Potsdam Agreement the following August … Continue reading

National Security and the North Korean Crisis

  Several friends and associates have contacted me in recent days, asking about the emerging crisis with North Korea, and the implications for national security. I thought I’d pass along some of the things that I’ve told them, plus a … Continue reading

Why Accepting Refugees is Crucial to National Security

By Sheldon When Trump released his ill-conceived and poorly-executed immigration order that stopped the flow of refugees from seven Muslim countries, he justified the action based on “national security,” claiming that it would keep out the “bad people” who were … Continue reading

Would You Recognize the End of the World If You Saw It?

There is an enduring appeal about the end of the world, especially if we can watch it happening to someone else. Movies that dwell on an apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic theme are even more the rage than usual, but in the … Continue reading

Why Winning the War on Terrorism Requires Accepting Syrian Refugees

By Sheldon Greaves As the global Islamist insurgency attempts to expand their war to a new level, it is a good idea to remind ourselves of a few things, particularly in light of the growing debate over whether to accept … Continue reading

Was the Fall of Rome a Good Thing?

By Sheldon Greaves There is a lot of talk these days comparing the United States to the late Roman Empire. Like Rome, we are an empire, which people more freely acknowledge than they did even ten years ago. There is … Continue reading

Laudato Si and the Green Book of Genesis

by Sheldon Greaves Thanks to some positive comments about my previous backgrounder post to the encyclical Laudato Si, I thought it would be worth while to add a few insights into the role of the Genesis cosmogonies in the structure … Continue reading

The Takedown of Sony Entertainment and it’s Implications

On November 24th, Sony Pictures Entertainment had their cybernetic head handed to them by a shadowy group known only as “Guardians of Peace.” This past year has seen numerous attacks on various major companies, with embarrassing data breaches resulting in … Continue reading