The Power and Promise of Citizen Science

By Sheldon Greaves, Ph.D. Ocean Sanctuaries 11 December 2017 (Download PDF) A recent essay[1] by Philip Mirowski has caught the attention of the Citizen Science community, by raising some trenchant questions despite several questionable assertions and assumptions about the Citizen … Continue reading

The Backyard Vegetable Garden, So Far

By Sheldon When circumstances permit, we like to garden and grow our own vegetables. This has not often been possible, but when it is, we try to give it our best shot. Actually, my spouse Denise is the gardening genius. … Continue reading

My Oregon Coast, Past and Present

By Sheldon Photos by the author There is a stretch of coastline between Newport and Lincoln City that was a popular destination for our family while I was growing up, visits I agitated for relentlessly to feed my passionate interest in marine biology, … Continue reading

Whole Earth and Hippy Wisdom

Lately I had the good fortune to hear from an old friend of mine, Richard “RJ” Jergenson, who, along with his brother Phil is one of the pioneers of the grid beam construction and prototyping system. I’ve written about this … Continue reading

The Aesthetic of Ostentation

By Sheldon Greaves This post appeared previously in Unexpected Leisure, 02 February 2011 The imperative to keep up with the Jones’ has driven many a consumer to spend beyond their means.  Purveyors of stuff, particularly expensive stuff know this and … Continue reading

Laudato Si and the Green Book of Genesis

by Sheldon Greaves Thanks to some positive comments about my previous backgrounder post to the encyclical Laudato Si, I thought it would be worth while to add a few insights into the role of the Genesis cosmogonies in the structure … Continue reading