The Aesthetic of Ostentation

By Sheldon Greaves This post appeared previously in Unexpected Leisure, 02 February 2011 The imperative to keep up with the Jones’ has driven many a consumer to spend beyond their means.  Purveyors of stuff, particularly expensive stuff know this and … Continue reading

Tried and True Media Bias Detector

For many years I have been an enthusiastic collector of files off the web, saving them on my local machines. My reason for saving them is simple: web sites go away. Content gets lost. Better to keep your own private … Continue reading

On Slow Reading Seminars

It’s long past time that I describe an extended experiment in group learning conducted over the last few years. The setting was Christ Church Episcopal in Portola Valley, California, where my spouse and I were Scholars in Residence, conducting seminars … Continue reading

What is the NSA Collecting? An Exercise in Open-Source Intelligence Analysis

The recent revelations of NSA warrantless data collection is of interest mostly because one has to wonder why so many people seem surprised about this. It wasn’t a matter of reading tea leaves or anything, it was right out there … Continue reading

Reflections on Three “Might-Have-Been” Mentors

Note: I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the role of mentors in one’s educational development and remembered the following essay I wrote for the Virtual Conference in Informal Science Education, sponsored by the Society for Amateur Scientists in … Continue reading

The Science Project is Blowin’ in the Wind

Elsewhere I have written about the power of projects.  There is no educational experience that quite matches making an example of what you are studying, or even a model of it.  But the experience of building or making something goes … Continue reading