Timothy Snyder’s “On Tyranny”

By Sheldon I just finished readingĀ On Tyranny. Twenty Lessons From the Twentieth Century by Yale historian Timothy Snyder. It is a very important book that everyone who harbors anxiety about the future of the United States should read, and read … Continue reading

Making a Source Deck

By Sheldon The world of intelligence and intelligence analysis is very different from that of the usual scholar or knowledge worker, with the possible exception of the investigative journalist. The difference is that the intel professional has to work with … Continue reading

Reflections on Higher Education, ‘Safe Spaces’, and Fear

By Sheldon A cluster of articles on higher education has prompted some reflections on higher ed in America, where it’s going, where it’s been, and what may become of it. The first is from May of last year, a piece … Continue reading

Editorial Note

By Sheldon Greaves In addition to my posts on Cogito!, I have also posted to other blogs. One of these, Unexpected Leisure, grew out of my effort to make sense of losing my job as a result of the worst … Continue reading

Tried and True Media Bias Detector

For many years I have been an enthusiastic collector of files off the web, saving them on my local machines. My reason for saving them is simple: web sites go away. Content gets lost. Better to keep your own private … Continue reading

A Question on the Link Between Education and Democracy

By Sheldon   Over the weekend I ran across a very interesting interview with Noam Chomsky on the future of democracy and education in the 21st century. Chomsky is one of America’s leading intellectuals, but on matters of education he … Continue reading

What Climate Scientists Need to Learn From Intelligence Analysts

I have watched the debate between climate scientists and the global warming deniers with a great deal of frustration, but until recently I could not articulate clearly why I found it so exasperating. It seems that the denier camp has … Continue reading

Some Observations on Creationism

For a long time I have been watching the movement known as Creationism as they have attempted to push aside the teaching of evolution in the schools. In its place, they would teach something called “creationism” which started out once upon a time as the creation story found in the book of Genesis.

Continue reading