The Unique Opportunities for Citizen Science, and How to Maximize Them

By Sheldon Greaves, Ph.D. 16 April 2018  PDF Version As the citizen science movement grows, questions persist about what, exactly, citizen science can and should do. Where should practitioners focus their efforts? Where does citizen science stand in relation to … Continue reading

The Power and Promise of Citizen Science

By Sheldon Greaves, Ph.D. Ocean Sanctuaries 11 December 2017 (Download PDF) A recent essay[1] by Philip Mirowski has caught the attention of the Citizen Science community, by raising some trenchant questions despite several questionable assertions and assumptions about the Citizen … Continue reading

Experiencing the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017

By Sheldon Greaves I’ve always wanted to witness a real, live total solar eclipse, but never had the opportunity until one came waltzing through our back yard. In short, it was totally as cool as the hype suggested, perhaps moreso. … Continue reading

Paper, Pencil, Pen, Brush: The Lost Art of Field Sketching

By Sheldon Greaves Note: this post originally appeared on the Citizen Scientists’ League website. With few other possible exceptions, the digital camera is probably the single most useful tool available to the citizen scientist. Both in the workshop and out … Continue reading

Editorial Note

By Sheldon Greaves In addition to my posts on Cogito!, I have also posted to other blogs. One of these, Unexpected Leisure, grew out of my effort to make sense of losing my job as a result of the worst … Continue reading

The Necessity of Education for Its Own Sake

I’ve recently begun taking a class at nearby Foothill Community College in an effort to gain some mastery over mathematics.  It’s an old, old project of mine.  Ostensibly I’m at school for the same reason most of the other students … Continue reading

A Neat Trick with Public Telescopes

A typical binocular spotting scope, soon to become a nifty telephoto lens. If you are visiting some open space district or county or state park where public telescopes like the one shown in the photo on the left.  You might … Continue reading