Timothy Snyder’s “On Tyranny”

By Sheldon I just finished reading On Tyranny. Twenty Lessons From the Twentieth Century by Yale historian Timothy Snyder. It is a very important book that everyone who harbors anxiety about the future of the United States should read, and read … Continue reading

My Oregon Coast, Past and Present

By Sheldon Photos by the author There is a stretch of coastline between Newport and Lincoln City that was a popular destination for our family while I was growing up, visits I agitated for relentlessly to feed my passionate interest in marine biology, … Continue reading

Was the Fall of Rome a Good Thing?

By Sheldon Greaves There is a lot of talk these days comparing the United States to the late Roman Empire. Like Rome, we are an empire, which people more freely acknowledge than they did even ten years ago. There is … Continue reading

Contemplating the Monastic Option

Some of my recent reading has been some very interesting material by Morris Berman, an author who is new to me and, I find that I have been missing something. His work is well-considered, well-sourced, and easier to read than … Continue reading

Let a Thousand Radio Stations Bloom!

…against all odds and expectations (on my part, at least) Congress has passed the Local Community Radio Act. This law removes previous restrictions on small, low-power community radio stations. Of course, the major broadcasters fought this bill, but a fierce, determined grass-roots efforts won through.

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Knowledge and Liberty for All

Change, especially the kind that moves a civilization forward, requires easy access to knowledge and information. The Founding Fathers understood this. As exponents of the Enlightenment, they saw the availability of knowledge and information as a critical element of a thriving and prospering nation.

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Jobless One Year, and Counting

One year ago I was laid off. What does a year or more of joblessness do to you? It messed with your mind, makes you confront what is important, and what isn’t. You also learn who is looking out for you, and who couldn’t give a damn.

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Preparing for Downsizing

A recent article in the Washington Post reports growing confidence in the US economy even though it will probably be some time before we see a real, live “recovery”.  Call me cynical, but I don’t really think we’ve hit bottom … Continue reading