Portfolio for Sheldon Greaves

This is a page with links to selected written work and projects.

Science Writing
Column: Citizen Science Musings

The Scientific Art of Roger Hayward

Science and Poetry

Care and Feeding of the Idea Stream

A Laurel for Science

Science Education Standards

Information Independence

Simple Questions

The Opening of Higher Education

The Shuttle Passes

We Are All Amateurs Now

Eclipse Lessons

Other Science Items

Google Isn’t Enough

Sic Transit Voyager

Easy Bug Jars

Making, Maintaining, and Using Serious Field Notes

A DIY Alcohol Burner for the Home Lab

The Changing Face of the Published Scientific Debate

Are Amateur Satellite Watchers a Security Risk?

Pupping Season for Moss Beach Harbor Seals

William Dampier: Pirate and… Amateur Scientist

Thoreau’s Notebooks Shed Light on Changing Climate

The Open Science Revolution Erupts

Getting to Know a New Observing Site



A Question on the Link Between Education and Democracy

The Necessity of Education for Its Own Sake

Why Bad Art Matters

The Case for Open-Source Accreditation

Why General Ed Classes Could Save You

Reflections on Three “Might-Have-Been” Mentors

Competition, Innovation, and Learning

Willful Ignorance Becomes a Virtue

On the Intellectual Imperative to Screw Up

Apollo 11 and the Case for Space Today

Citizen Science Musings: On Science Programs–A Critique


Intelligence and National Security