Introducing “Unexpected Leisure”

As I’ve slouched toward the two-year mark since my layoff in March of 2009, I’ve given a lot of thought to how one survives and keeps body and soul together when money is tight and the next job just won’t turn up.

Gradually it occurred to me that I have a lot to say on that and related subjects, so I’ve decided to start a new blog on the brave new world of unemployment, underemployment, poverty and scraping by in the worst economy America has seen since the Great Depression.  I’ve decided to call the blog “Unexpected Leisure.” Where I plan on looking at this and related subjects from various perspectives.

I will continue to post here on the usual subjects (i.e., pretty much everything), but I invite you to have a look at it and hopefully join in what I hope will be an enlightening and even empowering discussion.

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